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  In these videos you can enjoy the incredible erotic potential of this girl. This pretty blonde is proving to be a real little sex bomb. She exudes a tremendous magnetism that makes her highly desirable.
  Jana becomes beautiful when she squirms, caresses and moans. Her sensuality is matched only by the strong excitement it generates...
  We must not forget that Jana is a porn film actress and she gives back naturally and without artifice in her demonstrations. Sex in its purest form...

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Video 1: Carmen Cocks In Teenage Dreams 1

  This video was shot in Prague in April 2005.
  Carmen is superb. We appreciate her pretty skin tone that amplifies her sensuality. She is only more desirable.
  You will surely be captivated by the way she caresses by her facial expressions and her moans of excited young girl...
  The highlight of the show is how she masturbating, rubbing her fingers on her pussy and especially on her two huge blotchy. Her two big petals she removes and caress along her pussy showing her ass and her pretty "little gray"...
  A real demonstration of a "pro enjoyment!"

  ideal wmv file for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 9mn 17s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 97.9 MB (640 x 480)

Video 2: The Sublime Carmen Cocks

  As promised here Carmen Cocks in a porn video rather soft.
  She is very beautiful and plays her role perfectly naughty girl in hither look.
  The camera lingers on her sublimely beautiful body and her beautiful expressive face. Her breasts are still natural.
  Her partner is a player that we find very often with Carmen. He has a small tail that seems to be the taste of our nasty... In any case his cock remains at attention from beginning to end, even after ejaculated on the face of Carmen filled, beautiful and smiling...
  The highlight of the show, so to speak, remains when Carmen is eat pussy at the same time as her two thick blotchy. You can then hear Carmen moan with pleasure... Hyper-horny...!
  I will say no more except that, for the guys, Carmen Cocks gives us the cudgel, but hard...!
  ideal wmv file for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 16/9
  duration: 21mn 55s
  quality: medium
  file size: 127 MB (320 x 240)

Video 3: Carmen Cocks In Teenage Dreams 2

  Like the Video 1, this video was filmed in Prague shortly before, in February 2005.
  This short clip shows us the true nature Carmen apart from the fact that she is a porn actress. There one can really appreciate all the sensuality and eroticism that sweat of her gorgeous body in an intimate and cozy atmosphere of a hotel room. As a kind of foreplay...
  In addition, Carmen is a real slut who knows how to use seduction and pleasure thanks to her irresistible smile, her small breasts (natural here), with full lips pussy and her ass...
  See you soon my dear, we love you...! Smac...!

  ideal wmv file for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 8mn 53s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 93.6 MB (640 x 480)

Video 4: Naughty Carmen Cocks

  I offer a new video of Carmen Cocks soft porn. Suffice to say that Carmen excels in this genre, she is very demonstrative , touching and seemingly loving partner actor that we find systematically all porn clips.
  One does not have to do but porn stars and it's so natural and authentic to see two lovers making love!

  ideal wmv file for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 22mn 48s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 212 MB (640 x 480)

Video 5: The petals of Carmen Cocks

  I am very happy and very excited to share with you a new porn video with the prettiest porn star of Czech origin 2000s.
  Jana alias Carmen is a sacred slut with a fiery temperament. She exudes an extraordinary erotic potential and a strong sensuality. She has the cutest attires; adorable little tits, a small sublime ass contrast with superb meaty pussy. Her current partner in athletic body has a small dick very responsive Jana loves sucking cock and licking to lick.
  Naked and slumped in my chair in front of my screen where Jana copulate, I masturbate my long thick stem sliding the foreskin to the glans producing divine sensations... This leads me to a very strong orgasm just as her partner ejaculates in her pussy. My spasms are in unison with his cock twitching just under the large petals of the dripping pussy Jana leaving the overflow sperm.
  This is extremely enjoyable and shivering fun !!
  ideal wmv file for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 19mn 04s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 177 MB (640 x 480)
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